Fire Extinguishers

Do you own a fire extinguisher already?

Universal Feuerlöschgeräte AG offers you a service contract which guarantees the permanent operational readiness of your fire-extinguishing equipment. With this service contract, we ensure the continual maintenance by a trained service technician.

Periodical Check of Fire Extinguishers

according to Vereinigung Kantonaler Feuerversicherungen (VKF)
What use is the best fire extinguisher if it doesn't work when it matters? To ensure that the extinguisher works at any time, periodical revisions by the supplying company are required.

Foam Fire Extinguisher Lightwater 6L & 9L

The foam fire extinguisher (Light Water) with AFFF foam concentrate is used for fires of classes AB, meanung for burning solids (paper, wood, cardboard, textiles, etc.) or for burning liquids. The use has no side effects. The additive creates a dense hull cutting off the air supply.

This hand-held extinguisher is an essential part of the fire protection equipment in any household, building or office. Your surroundings should be sufficiently covered by this extinguisher; it should be placed in an easily accessible location.

These fire extinguishers are also available in a frost-protected design and as grease fire extinguishers.

Powder Fire Extinguisher

The powder fire extinguisher can be used against any kind of fire, thanks to its multifunctional powder. This extinguisher is recommended for the coverage of fire hazards in radiation systems, covered parking lots and fuel or paint storage areas.

The 2 kg version is recommended for the fire risk coverage in vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines (cars, ships, trailers).

Extinguisher for Metal Fires

This powder fire extinguisher is designed for putting out burning metals such as aluminium, natrium or magnesium. As metals burn at very high temperatures, extinguishing them is harder. Only this special metal fire powder allows to put those fires out.

This fire extinguisher is available with 6 kg or 9 kg of content.

CO2-Extinguisher Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is effective against burning liquids (fire class B). It is also specifically recommended for electricity-based fires or energised lines (transformers, electric panels, computers, engines, etc.)

The use of this extinguisher has no undesired side effects and does not leave residues.

Style Fire Extinguisher

This cool little fire extinguisher should not miss in any household! Next to its function as a handy ABC-fire extinguisher, it also blends in perfectly with the living environment, thanks to its timeless design.


Check out the different designs in our shop.


Along with our fire extinguishers, we offer the corresponding mounts for vehicles, plastic boxes for storage or protective covers for the extinguishing devices.


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