Fire-hose Cabinet

made in Switzerland

"As leading Swiss producer of fire-hose cabinets, we guarantee quality and a timely delivery. The fire-hose cabinets are carefully manufactured by our team in Bern. Together with our Swiss suppliers, we are strong and thus attain a satisfied customer base in all of Switzerland."
Marcel Wyss, Director

Fire Hose Swiss Made Orion 71 high quality
Fire Hose Orion 71
Feuerlöschposten Orion

Orion Fire-hose Cabinets

The fire-hose cabinets of the "Orion" product line convince through high quality and easy handling. Apart from their functionality as fire protection equipment, they are also suited for daily use in cleaning indoor parking lots, forecourts or vehicules.

Rostfreier Feuerlöschposten aus Edelstahl

Orinox Fire-hose Cabinets

The "Orinox" fire-hose cabinets are based on the "Orion"-series and are made of premium steel. These stainless cabinets are particularly used in sensitive environments (food handling, potable water, etc.). Thanks to the use of stainless steel, the design of the Orinox is especially elegant and timeless.

Spare and Conversion Parts

We offer a wide range of spare and conversion parts for the fire-hose cabinets. This includes jet pipes, hoses, fire valves, Storz-couplings and other armatures. Using these conversion parts, older models (all types and brands) can be converted to the "Orion"-series.

Component Parts of Fire-hose Cabinets


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