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We would be pleased to inform you about the current status of our company:


The health of our employees, customers and suppliers is our top priority. We are also doing our part to help contain the pandemic.


We have decided to divide our office presence among the team,

so we can easily comply with federal regulations.

We therefore ask you to contact us by telephone if you have any questions or would like to place an order

031 921 82 23 or by email


If you have hand fire extinguishers that need servicing, you are welcome to store them outside so that our service technicians can also keep the necessary distance.


We thank you for your understanding and wish you good health.

Fire hoses reels

Wir bürgen als führender Schweizer Produzent von Feuerlöschposten für Qualität und termingerechte Lieferung.

The fire fighting post series "Orion" is a high quality product, which is produced in Switzerland. Our fire fighting posts are also available in stainless steel.


Since 2017 we have taken over the production from the company Vogt AG Oberdiessbach.

Fire extinguisher

Handfeuerlöscher, Schaumlöscher, Pulverlösche, Brandschutz, Kohlendioxid, Löscher, Feuerlöscher, Bern

Our hand-held fire extinguishers are easy to operate and are always ready for use. Our selection differs mainly by the extinguishing agent.

IoT Fire extinguisher

Handfeuerlöscher, Schaumlöscher, Pulverlösche, Brandschutz, Kohlendioxid, Löscher, Feuerlöscher, Bern, Internet of Things, Funkverbindung, Feuerlöscher, Brandschutz, LoraWan, Universal Feuerlöschgeräte, Sigfox

A reliable, simple and inexpensive device that sounds an alarm as soon as a fire extinguisher is tampered with or removed from its location:


The IoT fire extinguisher

Catalogue assortment 20/21

Universal Feuerlöschgeräte, Katalog, Sortiment, Löschposten, Feuerlöscher, Rauchmelder, Löschdecke, Bern

Our extensive assortment offers fire fighting posts with the appropriate spare parts, as well as fire protection signs or fire blankets.


In our catalogue you will find all our products, from high quality fire fighting posts, radiant tubes and spare parts to practical hand-held fire extinguishers.

Fire protection

Brandschutz Informationen

The topic of fire protection affects all of us in our daily lives. Whether visible or invisible, we come across various fire protection articles, as well as hand fire extinguishers and fire-fighting stations every day. The topic of fire protection is very complex and consists of many different components. These conditions do not make the subject easy, which is why they depend on the help of experts like us.

Fire protection training

What good is the best fire extinguishing equipment if it is not used correctly in an emergency? Learn from our fire protection professionals how to use fire extinguishers correctly. We offer you training under real conditions, with the right equipment. Knowledge creates safety!


In the canton of Berne, fire protection gullies are subsidized by the building insurance with CHF 28.00 per person.

UNIVERSAL Feuerlöschgeräte AG, as the leading Swiss producer of fire fighting equipment, guarantees quality, on-time deliveries and friendly customer service.

Especially for hand-held fire extinguishers and fire fighting posts, UNIVERSAL Feuerlöschgeräte AG offers you - thanks to the complete service package consisting of production and service work - the advantage of a complete service chain as a fire protection specialist. From consulting, sales, installation to maintenance of the fire extinguishing equipment - everything from one source! The fire extinguishing posts are manufactured by us in Berne - we also count on Swiss partners for the suppliers.


"Safety through quality!"

UNIVERSAL Feuerlöschgeräte AG bürgt als führender Schweizer Produzent von Feuerlöschposten für Qualität, termingerechte Lieferungen und einen freundlichen Kundenservice.
UNIVERSAL Feuerlöschgeräte AG bürgt als führender Schweizer Produzent von Feuerlöschposten für Qualität, termingerechte Lieferungen und einen freundlichen Kundenservice.

Customer feedback:

  • This morning Mr. Bähler carried out the service on our fire extinguisher. Mr. Bähler proved to be a very serious man who was willing to provide information. He explained and showed me the contents and function of the fire extinguisher well. I was very impressed by his precise work. (Joel Andenmatten, Eidg. dipl. Hauswart)
  • Great service, a great crew and fair prices!  (Jürg Knutti on Facebook)
  • "Universal is a reliable and inexpensive partner. We always enjoy working with UNIVERSAL because we can count on their friendly service." WYSTA AG.
  • Many thanks to Marcel Wyss and his whole team from UNIVERSAL Feuerlöschgeräte AG. Not only do they protect our property, the oldest dated house in Bern's Old Town, with their always perfectly maintained fire extinguishers, their comprehensive advice and their excellent service, but they are also always there for us and our concerns around the clock, however unusual they may be. Customer service that could not be better: committed, motivated, reliable, solution-oriented and friendly. We are very much looking forward to our continued successful partnership.
    (Andreas, Perrine and Florence Willich from the Nägelihaus)

How the Internet of Things promotes innovation in SMEs

What happens when fire extinguishers and flat roofs meet the Internet of Things? Two Swiss SMEs show how they not only improve customer service with innovative in-house developments, but also strengthen their own position on the market.


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