Fire blankets

for combating small fires in households and kitchens

Extinguishing blankets are part of the basic equipment in commercial kitchens for the hospitality industry and in the household. This small fire extinguisher requires almost no space and can be conveniently stored anywhere.


A fire blanket is very easy to use and can be very effective when used correctly. In the event of a fire, an extinguishing blanket is placed over the source of the fire by hand. In this way the fire is extinguished under the blanket. The blanket withdraws the oxygen supply from the source of the fire, which leads to the suffocation effect.


With a fire blanket you can fight a fire easily and quickly. There are also no residues left because no extinguishing agent has to be used.


The fire blanket is in a plastic box, which can also be mounted on the wall.


Our fire blanket measures 110cm x 180cm. Smaller fire blankets are not recommended, as you can still burn yourself due to the small size.




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