Fire hoses reels

Made in Switzerland

We are particularly proud of our own fire fighting post production. The reels and fire fighting posts are manufactured in Bern, it is the only product in Switzerland which is completely manufactured with Swiss suppliers.

Since 2017 we have taken over the fire fighting posts from the company Vogt AG Oberdiessbach.

"As the leading Swiss producer of fire fighting posts, we guarantee quality and on-time delivery. The fire fighting posts are carefully manufactured in Bern by our employees. Together with our Swiss suppliers we are strong and thus ensure happy customers all over Switzerland."

Marcel Wyss, CEO

Orion 71, Feuerlöschposten, Vogt, Wandhydrant, Nasslöschposten, Qualität, Brandschutz, Schlauchroller, Haspel
Feuerlöschposten Orion 71
Feuerlöschposten Orion, Vogt, Wandhydrant, Qualität, Wartungsarm, Brandschutz
Feuerlöschposten Orion 70

Orion Fire hoses reel

The fire extinguishing posts from the Orion assortment impress with their high quality and simple operation. In addition to their function as fire extinguishers, these fire stations are also suitable for daily use for cleaning car parks, forecourts or vehicles.


Rostfreier Feuerlöschposten aus Edelstahl
Rostfreier Feuerlöschposten aus Edelstahl

Orinox Fire hoses reel

The Orinox fire fighting posts are based on the Orion series and are made of stainless steel. These stainless steel fire fighting posts are particularly used in sensitive environments (food, drinking water, etc.). The use of stainless steel makes the Orinox design particularly elegant and timeless.

Ersatzteil zu Löschposten, Vogt Löschposten,  Umbauteile,
Umbausatz für Löschposten von alt zu neu

Spare parts, conversion parts and hose

We offer a wide range of spare and conversion parts & hose for the fire stations. This includes nozzles, hoses, fire valves, Storz couplings and other fittings. With the conversion parts older models (all types and brands) can be converted to the Orion series.


Strahlrohr, Waschpistole, Sprühdüse, Hohlstrahlrohr,  Löschposten, Brandschutz
Strahlrohr Piccojet mit Gewinde

Radiant tubes

The red Piccojet jet nozzle as well as the more solid aluminium hollow jet nozzle type 333 is manufactured in our factory in Bern. The hollow jet nozzles are available in different sizes and water quantities. The red Piccojet spray nozzles are also available in a stainless INOX version. The washing nozzles can be used without any problems in daily use in agriculture, cleaning of buildings etc.


Ersatzteile, Feuerlöschposten, Orion, Reparatur Löschposten
Reparatursatz Feuerlöschposten Orion

Individual parts for fire fighting posts

Do you need spare parts for new and old fire fighting posts - we can supply you with various individual parts. You are welcome to contact us so that we can advise you.


Festkupllung Storz mit Innengewinde, Aussengewinde, Blindkupplung
Festkupplung Storz innengewinde


Fixed couplings in different sizes

Our Storz fixed couplings are available in different sizes. Storz couplings are available with female thread, male thread or as blind coupling.


The following sizes are available:

Storz 25, Storz 55, Storz 75, Storz 110, Storz 125


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