Hollow jet pipes and spray jet pipes

Only manufacturer of small radiant tubes in Switzerland.

All individual parts are produced in Switzerland and assembled by UNIVERSAL. The radiant tubes are characterized by unique quality.

Piccojet Strahlrohr mit Stutzen 19mm oder Gewinde 1''

Jet pipe Piccojet

The compact UNIVERSAL Piccojet jet pipe is installed as standard on the Orion fire stations. The red spray nozzle provides an even, adjustable jet. The small jet pipe is available in two versions with a 19mm nozzle or with a 1'' thread. The hollow jet pipe is also available as a stainless steel version INOX. This product is a Swiss make.


Water quantity 30l/min. at 2.5 bar full jet

Das Hohlstrahlrohr UNIVERSAL Typ 333 ist ein sehr robustes und langlebiges Aluminium Strahlrohr.

Jet pipe Typ 333

The UNIVERSAL type 333 hollow jet tube is a very robust and durable aluminium jet tube. The spray jet pipe is manufactured by us in Switzerland.


It is ideal for daily use. Our customers use it e.g. in agriculture to clean the stable, in the nursery to water plants, to moisten the tennis court or golf course, to water the ice rink or simply to clean the garage. Thanks to the handle you can easily switch between the hard direct jet (a lot of pressure) or the spray jet.


Depending on how much water you want to use, we can offer you the spray jet with a 4mm / 6mm / 8mm opening.

Exchange kit

With the exchange kit you can change between the Piccojet, type 333 blast pipe or a washing gun. The aluminium hose screw connection 19mm with 1'' thread allows you to vary very easily. So you can always use the ideal spray gun.


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