Smoke detector

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Smoke detectors save lives and should be used in any environment. They are not expensive, they are effective and save lives.


A fire can start anytime and anywhere. You may be asleep and within minutes your home is on fire.  If you sleep, you will not wake up. They breathe in the smoke and do not notice it, become unconscious, die within a few minutes. The loud beeping of a smoke detector wakes you and your children and saves you in an emergency.


UNIVERSAL fire detectors are certified according to DIN EN 14604. Our smoke detectors are very reliable and have a permanently installed long-term lithium battery. With our smoke detectors, there is no need for tiresome and expensive battery changes.


Wireless smoke detection system the smart solution Online

The wireless smoke detector can be connected to the Internet router via the gateway. This creates a smart and reliable online wireless smoke detection system.


If a smoke detector reports an alarm, you will receive a message directly on your smartphone, tablet or home computer with the exact location of the apartment, temperature and information about which room is affected.


An alarm message can be sent to friends or neighbours so that they too can react.


On holiday, on the way to work or in the garden: The wireless smoke detection system reliably keeps you informed about the security status of your home, regardless of where you are.



Technical data fire detectors

  • Quality product, made in Germany
  • 12 years battery life (lithium)
  • Bi-sensor processor technology (smoke and/or heat alarm)
  • Certified adhesive mounting
  • Maximum real alarm precision / alarm signal > 85 dB
  • Suitable for kitchen use due to condensation barriers
  • 3-fold insect protection
  • Reduced volume of the test tone
  • Active pollution compensation
  • 60 m² detection area (depending on structural conditions)
  • Large, user-friendly test/stop button (78 cm²)
  • Closed system (no battery change necessary)
  • Intelligent software analysis of the sensor measured values (processor technology)
  • Cyclic real self-test function
  • Help signal in the event of a negative self-test (e.g. energy reserve broken or contaminated sensors)
  • CE according to DIN EN 14604, RoHS, TÜV
  • Q - Label
Data sheet smoke detectors
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