Internet of Things-Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher with radio communication

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In an emergency, a hand-held fire extinguisher must be ready for use so that immediate action can be taken. Fire extinguishers are essential for this and can save human lives.


The service technicians of UNIVERSAL Feuerlöschgeräte AG are repeatedly confronted with the problem that a portable fire extinguisher has been manipulated or activated without anyone ever noticing. A hand-held fire extinguisher is rather inconspicuous in everyday life and one does not immediately recognize whether a device has been activated.

It is possible that a device will remain empty for several months without pressure or extinguishing agent. Only the service technician notices this during the maintenance of the devices after several months. With regard to immediate measures, this condition of the devices could be fatal.


This can be a problem especially in public areas where thousands of people move around every day. For this reason, we have joined forces with our partners to find a safer solution so that hand-held fire extinguishers are always ready for use.


In case of manipulation and removal of the safety splint on the fire extinguisher, a message is automatically sent via LoRaWAN. Based on the message via the LoRaWAN network we can react immediately and have the device checked or repaired by our service technicians. It is checked whether the message should be sent directly to the fire brigade so that they too can react in an emergency.

Retrofitting possible on UNIVERSAL foam, powder and CO2 extinguishers

In this article you will learn more about the development of the IoT fire extinguisher

in collaboration with Swisscom and Comtac AG:


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