Fire protection training with hand fire extinguishers

Knowledge creates security !

In a practical fire protection training course, employees learn the correct handling of fire extinguishers and their different characteristics.

With our fire trainer we show your staff on site how to handle fire extinguishers, fire blankets etc. in a real environment so that they can behave correctly in an emergency. In the theoretical block the participants learn the principle of the extinguishing process, the different extinguishing agents as well as the fire classes. In the practical part, a waste bin and liquid fire as well as an oil eruption are simulated.


One training session lasts 90 minutes. On request, we can conduct the course directly at your site or in our meeting room. The training will be tailored to your company or your risk potential.


Per group 10-15 persons can participate.

The building insurance of the canton of Bern contributes financially to the training of its employees

with CHF 28.00 per person.


We would be happy to advise you personally and make you an individual offer.

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Training content and learning objectives


  • Theory, correct behaviour in case of fire
  • Learn about the dangers of fires and smoke
  • Functioning of fire extinguishers
  • Kitchen fire, use of the fire blanket
  • Wastebasket fire, practical extinguishing exercise on the fire simulator
  • Liquid fire small & large, fire drill with hand fire extinguishers
  • Deep-fryer fire, recognize dangers
  • Spray can burns, small can & big explosion
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Schulung mit Handfeuerlöscher


Basic lump sum

Group of max. 15 persons

Group of 1-15 persons CHF 975.00

Includes: Directions, preparation / installation,

90-minute training on site.


Training fire extinguishers and fire blankets are charged separately per 1/2 day


from CHF 57.00 per person*

Price example, for a group of 15 persons with GVB subsidy, including the use of fire extinguishers.

Without GVB subsidy CHF 85.00

Flat rate additional group

Group of max. 15 persons

For trainings from 15 persons, a flat rate of CHF 375.00 per group (max. 15 persons) is charged.






from CHF 27.00 per person*

Price example, for a group of 30 persons with GVB subsidy, including the use of fire extinguishers

Without GVB subsidy CHF 55.00


Fire extinguishing equipment for fire protection training

Flat rate for the use of all fire extinguishing equipment, for 180 minutes training CHF 300.00

Includes enough fire extinguishing equipment for 2 groups.

Subsidy Building insurance of the canton of Bern GVB

mpanies that have their personnel trained in a fire-fighting course benefit from a financial contribution from GVB. The GVB supports the training of personnel from industry, trade and administration in the behaviour in case of fire and in the handling of small extinguishing devices.


Carry out a fire protection training at UNIVERSAL and submit the following documents after the training:

Complete list of participants

copy of the invoice

Payment slip

We will provide you with a list of participants in the course. Payment is made directly to the applicant on the basis of this list.

You then send the application or request to



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031 921 82 23

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